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About Laura


While growing up in the City of Lights, Paris, I was so lucky to have access to horses, a short 5mn walk from where I lived. An avid rider from my teens to early 20’s, back surgery forced me out of the saddle and the stables.  As painful as it was, horses were a thing of the past for me.  Or so I thought.


Fast forward almost four decades, life took a cruel turn. I eventually realized that I could choose to either to let it define me, and slowly but surely destroy me, or I could  find a way to co-exist with the new cards in my life.

That quest for relief and wanting to make sense of what my life had become, guided me to horses again, but this time for their infinite wisdom.

When I first heard about “life coaching with horses”, I knew I had to treat myself to it. I first experienced Equus Coaching® as a client, and even on foot I was taken for quite a ride. I experienced how supportive and patient they can be. I felt empathy like never before.


With the help of my coach, I experienced how their feedback informed me with such clarity of what was going on in my head and in my heart.  


Before long I enrolled with the Koelle Institute for Equus Coaching® and ended up embarking on a beautiful journey of discovery, empathy and connections I didn’t know existed, along with beautiful friendships.


Let's be clear: getting our own horse is NOT part of the training requirements. Yet I had to answer a strong, deep and steady calling. There she was, a retired a brood-mare. Since entering my life, Bianka has taught me more about myself than I could have imagined, and she always knows when to remind me of what I need  to work on.


Becoming an Equus Coach® now allows me to invite you to a transformative experience, alongside amazing four-legged teachers that never stop to inspire me.


No matter how many times I witness it, I am always in awe of horse's patience, willingness to play and their absolute honesty without an ounce of judgement or hidden agenda. 

To all these beautiful and wise beings and teachers, but not limited to, I am infinitely grateful.         



 Laura Pavone 

 Equus Coach®

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