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         WHY HORSES?


Throughout millennia, horses and humans have developed a fascinating and unique bond: from hard work and wars to sports and leisure;  Horses are heroes of memorable mythology and fiction work,  they  have inspired  countless  artists  and  teased  our  collective imagination. Horses have touched human hearts by


connecting on historical,

and almost spiritual levels.

           social, cultural, emotional

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To survive in the wild, like any prey animals, horses rely on an innate sensibility to be aware of what is around them as well as other members of their herd. They read body language and energy. Even at a distance, they are able to feel your breath rise and fall, as well as your heart rate.


The most beautiful gift I have experienced and witnessed is their generosity, and how they interact without passing any judgment or having any agenda. Their feedback is honest and raw , their sensitivity and capacity of connection are mesmerizing. 



How might this help?

In an Equus Coaching® session, in a round pen or an arena while interacting with a horse a few things might happen

but definitely not limited to:

  • Testing boundaries and then asserting them

  • One can find their voice, or reclaim self-confidence

  • Be vulnerable enough to allow emotions to flow and let them inform us instead of avoiding them

  • Counter-productive patterns might show up and you will be invited to identify them

  • Hurtful beliefs roaming around might be exposed and you will have a chance to put them to the test

  • Allow stories that are holding us back to surface, and challenge them

  • Exploring new and more effective ways of communicating

  • ...Anything you might want support on


                                                               I have seen many times over how horses know better than we do whether we   fool ourselves or not,                                                                   

                                                               and when we are congruent with our own truth or not.                   



                                                               During and after the session we talk about what came up  and how to apply some tools with a fresh         

                                                               perspective in your everyday life.



I am inviting you to be curious and playful, allowing the experience to flow at your own rhythm.

We are only here to help you find the keys you already are holding.

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