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What to Expect


I strongly believe that CURIOSITY is your best suit for this experience.

Letting go of expectations is one of the most difficult things to do, mostly because we have so much attachment to the outcome; we often are self-conscious and afraid of being judged, or we feel the need to be in control.


This is why I invite you to come with an open mind and genuine curiosity at heart. There is no script for what the encounter will bring to you, or how.


And in case you are, horses are not trained for this, they are graciously being themselves.


I welcome anyone curious enough to play and discover the wisdom of horses through Equus Coaching®

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Anyone really.
- Individuals ready to turn over a stone or two;
- family members ready to improve their communication skills;
- young adults in search of clarity and meaning;
- adults ready to ponder and reflect.
No matter who and how young at heart we are, there is always room for more insights and definitely play.



We play on foot - no riding is involved – but we protect our feet so always closed-toe sturdy shoes or boots that you won’t mind getting dirty, along with appropriate clothes.


You don’t need previous horse experience. There will always be safety demonstrations and reminders when needed.

You may feel intimidated by those large animals and I will respect that;  I will stay alongside you if you want me to.

Something I didn’t think of? Please feel free to contact me so I can answer your question(s).

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That said, Equus Coaching® is NOT therapy, even though people definitely feel some "therapeutic effect” just by being

in the presence of horses




​I am based at Oak Ridge Equestrian Center, located in Hamilton Township, Mercer County, NJ (15mn from Hamilton Train Station).

Please contact me for details on how I can design a package that you will feel comfortable with. 

I also can come to you in the tri-state area, as long as there are horses and a round pen or small arena.

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