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I spent a very unique and magical with Laura and Bianka.

Laura helped be to untie my malaise and to ask myself the right questions, and Bianka (like a sublime twin) supported me and helped calm my mind in a way to keep it “In the present moment”.

                                  Cécile A. - Paris

What they shared about it

"Equus" and "Coaching" seem to be words not too often used together, but coaching with horses is definitely unique. Horses have the ability to tune into your feelings and underlying energy in a way that only animals can. With Laura's guidance I was able to experience this.

Laura demonstrated how this works, by channeling her energy and get a horse to respond and engage with her.

Having much turmoil to deal with on many fronts of my life, it felt nice to get the pure empathy from a horse.

Later in the indoor while watching someone else,  as rain and thunder were pounding, I got chocked up thinking of a certain question that came up earlier  in the round pen; inside I had felt pure sympathy and empathy from a horse.

It was extremely touching, surprising and quite unexpected.

Laura guided the session with ease along with directions on how to navigate through the exercises.

I highly recommend working with Laura and finding your connection with a horse.

Beatrice M. - New York


Experiencing Equus Coaching® with Laura and her lovely horse has been one of the most powerful experiences of my life.


Laura provided excellent insights on how to interact with the horse and connect with her effectively to receive clear responses.

It was amazing to see that the horse was able to clearly understand my feelings and how I was communicating  without words, just by being there and respond to me.


As it is often possible to think, talk and feel differently about the same thing, the horse coaching goes directly into the feelings without any bias, therefore helps you identify problems and insecurities immediately and find solutions intuitively.

The session was deep, effective and fun.

This was being my first time in a horse pen with a horse, Laura made me feel safe and comfortable at all times.

I would highly recommend this experience to anyone.

                                                      Zuzana Z. - New York

Viviane Bianka.jpg

I love animals and I feel the love they are willing to give and show is a true miracle of nature. But the truth I had never been around horses. I guess their size and their stature are somehow intimidating for a small person like me.

I heard about Laura’s own experience, and it all changed the day one day I decided to meet her at the farm, and try something totally new for me.

Laura is a very pleasant person and definitely to the point when she described her method to me.
She is extremely professional and the love for her calling is easy to feel once she starts talking.

The minute I saw the horse I felt a pang of fear in my heart but as soon as we got closer my breathing became so calm that I could her the silence around me.

I followed Laura’s directions and except for her soothing voice I felt a calm and serenity I have never experienced before. I was able to walk along the horse, whisper to him my feelings while listening to Laura gentle voice.

After my session I realized I had just experienced a powerful encounter with an amazing coach.


 Viviane S. - New York

Viviane mustang.jpg
Viviane cricket.jpg

I spent a beautiful day experiencing Equus Coaching led by the remarkable Laura Pavone.


This is something truly magical that everyone can benefit from.

Special thanks to Laura and the horses for uncovering the simple

life lessons that these majestic creatures can teach us about ourselves and others if we take the time and the space to listen and to feel.


The unspoken magnitude of what you can discover from this experience is a gift.

Valerie C.   New York

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